Among the polymers used in bitumen for road paving, Evatane® copolymers are well known for its compatibility with various bitumen as well as the excellent mechanical properties it brings to asphalt (rutting resistance). Due to their good compatibility, Evatane® are copolymers of choice to be used in bitumen modification, to increase road safety criteria (skid resistance, stopping distance) and driving comfort (traffic noises, porous asphalt).

Polymer Modified Bitumen



PMB (Polymer Modified Bitumen) with Evatane® copolymers, are recommended to improve the resistance of the binder against crack propagation or stress, for instance resulting from temperature variations.

Evatane® copolymers gives excellent performance to the modified binder in terms of Kerosene & rutting resistance:

  • Excellent compatibility with bitumen 
  • Low viscosity formulation
  • Typical loading: 5 – 7%
Recommended Evatane® grades:
18-150 18-500 20-20 24-03 33-45

Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties.

In addition, Lotader® reactive terpolymers are widely used to prepare high stability bitumen mixtures while giving outstanding performance bitumen. Lotader modified bitumen can be prepared with common equipment and require loading between 1.5 and 2.0%.