Evatane® resins are a polar copolymer able to accept more than 70% of ATH (Aluminium TriHydroxide) or MDH (Magnesium Dihydroxide). Dispersion of filler is optimised, providing very good mechanical and Flame properties

EVA copolymers compounded which appropriate dosage of suitable blowing agents, cross-linking agents and necessary inorganic fillers are used to produce microcellular rubber sheets.

Evatane® main applications are shoe insoles, sport goods, matress.


EVA foams are also likely to be used for buoyancy aids, such as life jackets and toys.

Sport shoes construction:

conventional shoe structure

Lotader® 4210  can be used as an efficient density-reducing agent for sport shoes.

Recommended Evatane® grades:
20-20 28-03
24-03 28-05

Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties

Combinations of these grades can be used