Hot melt adhesives

Hot melt adhesives are solvent free thermoplastic polymer blends.

Evatane® copolymers main features in hot melt adhesive (HMA) technology are their high compatibility with:

  • Tackifying resins, adhesion promoter
  • Parafin and waxes, viscosity modifiers


High fluidity Evatane® resins are used in ternary HMA (EVA + resins + waxes) for packaging, bookbinding, labelling, deep freeze, woodworking, and textile.

Recommended Evatane® grades:   
18-150 28-150 28-800
18-500 28-25  33-400
28-05 28-420  33-45
Recommended Orevac® T grades:
9304 9305


Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties.