Gravure ink is widely used in flexible packaging in reverse print technology.

Usual structures using EVA based inks

Instant Noodles Packaging Laminate:

BOPP / Print*  / PP


*Print: Chlorinated PP inks containing Evatane® 42-60

Potato Chips Packaging Laminate:

BOPP / Print* / Primer / Tie Layer* / mPET / Seal Layer


*Print: Chlorinated PP inks containing Evatane® 42-60

*Tie Layer: LDPE + Lotader® 3210


Main properties of Evatane® 42-60


Evatane® 42-60  is specifically developed to optimize clarity, it leads to superior clarity of the final varnish.


Low stickiness provided by Evatane® 42-60 thanks to unique combination of anti-blocking agents and stabilizers.

Solubility in solvents

Very soluble in aromatic hydrocarbon solvents like toluene, benzene and xylene till 35% at room temperature. It provides low viscosity of the solution.

Partially soluble in ketones up till 15% at room temperature.

Not soluble in alcohol.

Recommended Evatane® grades:
40-55 42-60

Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties.