Evatane® copolymers are suitable as layer or tie layers for making multilayer structures in packaging thanks to their adhesion on various substrates (PET, PE, PS, PVC).

Blown film

Multilayer blown film are used in flexible packaging applications such as modified atmosphere packaging, vacuum bags, etc.

Evatane® 28% (28-03 or 28-05) is the external layer (adhesive layer) of multilayer (barrier with Evasin EVOH, or non-barrier) blown film thermolaminated on PET sheet.

Cast film

Cast films exhibit generally better optical performances than blown films and can be produced at higher speeds.

Cast and blown films are mainly used in packaging applications such as lidding, modified atmosphere packaging, vacuum - sealed bags, and any other application where transparency is required.


Evatane® 28% (28-03 or 28-05) is suitable as tie layer for direct coextrusion of PET/PE structures.


Skin film

Evatane® are used for skin films. They provide special properties well suited for packaging:

  • Adhesion
  • Puncture resistant
  • Drawability
  • Transparency


Widely used in packaging, ranging from automotive to medical applications, Evatane® skin films specially fit where safety packaging is essential. Evatane® skin films can be printed.

Thermo-adhesives film

The main properties of Evatane® thermo-adhesives films are:

  • Adhesion on various substrates
  • Transparency
  • Adapted rheology
  • Low melting point and cristallisation point


Evatane® resins are recommended for cotton, PE, PVC rigid, PET.

Recommended Evatane® grades:
24-03 28-05
28-03 28-25


Recommended Orevac® T grades:
9304 9307 Y
9305 9318

Grades are chosen upon the targeted properties