Solar panels

Evatane®: The first choice solutions for encapsulation

Construction of a standard PV panel

Evatane® are copolymers of ethylene and vinyl acetate resins. Their high rates of vinyl acetate (VA) give them high transparency properties and low fusion temperatures, hence a minimized energy consumption during modules manufacturing.


Evatane® 33-45PV and 28-25PV are specially designed for photovoltaic applications and are the main grades for silicon cells encapsulation thanks to their fast curing and unmatched transparency.

Key properties:

  • Very good adhesion to glass and backsheet
  • Outstanding cohesion
  • High transparency (>92%)
  • Fast curing thanks to tubular process
  • Excellent cell protection
  • Enable high cell efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Long term proven durability


Recommended Evatane® grades: 
Evatane® 33-45PV Evatane® 28-25PV