Semi-conductive layer

Semi-conductive layer, internal, external are designed to protect XLPE, EPR  insulation layer.

Internal & external (strippable)

To avoid premature cable failure due to insulation breakdown, Evatane® semi-conductive layer ensures :

  • Superior cross-linked mechanical properties
  • Good adhesion to the conductor and insulation layer
  • Smooth and homogenous carbon black dispersion
  • Easy processing during compounding and extrusion steps
  • Excellent peroxide cross-linking reactivity
  • Good thermal stability


For strippable semi-conductive layer:

  • Tailor-made strip force by blending Evatane® with rubber


High fluidity Evatane 28-800 allows compound viscosity adjustment.

Recommended grades:  
For HFFR For semi-conductive layer For strippable semi-conductive layer
24-03  20-20  33-25
28-03    33-45
28-05    40-55


High fluidity Evatane 28-800 allows compound viscosity adjustment