Frequently asked questions

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How to use wax blends for coatings?

EVA copolymers are also used as a toughening agent in wax blends coatings. It modifies waxes, which have excellent barrier properties but, being brittle, are normally unsuitable for flexible packaging. EVA unables to brings some flexibility to wax while retaining good barrier properties.

How to blend Evatane® with other polymers??

EVA copolymers have a remarkable ability to form homogeneous blends with other polymers. An especially important outlet is for the improvement of environmental stress cracking properties of polyethylene, particularly for sheathing of telephone cables. It's also used with low density polyethylene for the production of synthetic paper, with PP for decorative tapes, rubber in shoe sole composition, un-plasticized PVC for foil manufacture, etc. In almost all cases, the advantage gained by incorporating an EVA copolymer is a toughening effect, particularly at low temperatures. The wide compatibility with other polymers also leads to the use of EVA copolymers as the polymers base in masterbatches productions.

What are the Evatane® films applications??

Films based on EVA copolymers have important characteristics, which make them particularly suitable for a number of specialized applications. Typical examples are:

  • Disposable surgical gloves made from EVA films have notably good qualities of stretch and feel.
  • Bags for adding powdered ingredients to mixers at the compounding stage. Here, the low softening temperature of the copolymer ensures rapid breakdown of bag and good dispersion of the EVA copolymer in the rubber.
  • Evatane® is used as a sealing material due to its excellent hot tack properties.

EVA films also provides toughness at low temperatures for cling films and deep freeze packaging.