New Altuglas® resin for PVC window profiles.

- Press release
Altuglas International, the leader in the field of capstock resins for coextrusion has recently developed new PMMA grades ideally suited for PVC window profiles. These resins provide longer-lasting surface finishes, thanks to their outstanding resistance to UV rays and scratching.

The use of PVC profiles in the building industry is growing constantly, despite the fact that these products were previously only available in white, grey or beige


In response to the growing demand for products in bright colours that last, it is now possible to co-extrude a coloured layer of Altuglas® acrylic resins, offering longer-lasting aesthetic and mechanical properties, on the surface of the PVC profile.

In addition to these technical properties, the PVC/Altuglas® combination has opened the way for an infinite range of colours and special surface finishes: matt, satin, metallic, grainy or soft to the touch.


Another significant advantage is that the Altuglas® is co-extruded on the PVC in a single step, saving time and money in comparison with the traditional lamination of decorative films.


Altuglas International has been supplying a broad range of acrylic resins optimised for Capstock to a number of sectors (furniture, sanitary products, automotive, etc.) for many years


Altuglas International has already won over many customers in the swing shutter and window frame business.


Altuglas International recently worked with Alphacan, which developed the extensive In’Alpha 70® range of latest-generation window profile and Alphalux®, a range of profiles for swing shutters. Both of these ranges use a strong matt Altuglas® impact grade, offering a quality of colours and textures that will satisfy door and window professionals and their customers.


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Known as “acrylic glass”, this polymer (polymethylmethacrylate) has exceptional optical properties, superior to that of glass. These properties have lead it to become the material of choice across numerous industries, from the automotive industry to construction.



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