The whole of Arkema joined forces to mark the Group’s 10 years

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Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Dubai, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, US, China... Arkema’s 10-year celebrations took place in some fifty countries between 17 and 28 May.

A friendly and unifying momentous occasion

In R&D centers, plants, offices… the festivities were held in a spirit simplicity and sharing: photocalls of teams, postcards sent between sites, birthday cakes galore, publication of a “We are 10!” poster, etc. 


Photos of over 10,000 employees, taken in the weeks running up to the event, were used to make up a huge mural.

In every culture

Each in their own language, their own words. “Buon compleanno!” sounded the chorus at the Rho production center in Italy. Arkema Spain chose a different approach to express their good wishes: ”Felecidades Arkema, 10 anos construyendo nuestro future” [Congratulations Arkema, 10 years to build our future...].

Over 10,000 portraits of employees were used to make up a huge mural

Everyone has their own style. Celebrations on a boat in Singapore, smoothies made in Normandy, exhibition at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, traditional dance in Japan. In short, employees demonstrated a great desire to join forces and look to the future.

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    Exhibition at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
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    The "ten" word formed by employees in Changshu
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    We are 10! postcards
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    Traditional dance in Japan
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    We are 10! goody bags
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    We are 10! Rubik's cube