Elium® for infusion


Elium® resins can be moulded by infusion at room temperature to make large and stiff structural parts, with excellent toughness. Low viscosity and long gel time ensure excellent fiber impregnation to reach optimum mechanical properties. Carbon fiber and glass fiber can be used. Structural bonding is possible with AEC Polymers adhesives.


  • Composite parts made with Elium® are recyclable.
  • Can be infused and polymeriazed at room temperature.
  • Part manufacturing costs less as compared to other thermoplastic technologies.
  • Compatible with conventional thermoset resin tooling.
  • Comparable mechanical performance to epoxy parts.
  • Can be used with glass and carbon fibers.
  • Styrene-free.


  • Building and construction
  • Consumer goods
  • General industry
  • Renewable energy


  • Outdoor equipment
  • Spa