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Orevac®T, main properties and technical data sheets

Reactive EVA based terpolymers - Adhesive Resins - Flexible, polar and versatile solution for hot melt adhesives - Thermo adhesive films.

Orevac®T terpolymers develop superior adhesion onto glass, metals, PU, PVC, PS, textile, leather, PA (nylon), EVOH, ….

The data displayed in the tables below are typical values but should not be considered as commercial specifications.

Orevac® Terpolymers typical properties

Grades  Technical
data sheet

Melt Index


Melting point




9304 5.5 - 9.3 80 43 Thermoadhesive films
9305 150 - 210 68 <40 Thermoadhesive films
9307Y 9.5 - 11.5 93 66 Thermoadhesive films
9318 6 - 8 86 57 Thermoadhesive films, multilayer tubes


Melt index done at 190°C and under 2.16kg

(*) Properties routinely measured during the standard quality control procedure.